World’s most sustainable fertiliser from insects frass

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    Sterk groen gazon zonder mos & onkruid


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    Geniet van meer en lekkerder vruchten & gewassen


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    Universele Meststof geschikt voor iedere plant & gewas


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  • Universele meststof

  • Gazonmest

  • Tuinmest

  • Najaarsmeststof

Amazing for plants

With Frassor fertilisers you choose for strong and healthy plants with high resistance. Innovative and sustainable fertilisation with long-term effect through structural soil improvement. Frassor organic fertilisers increase the health and condition of the soil. The completely natural Frassor granules consist of organic materials, combined with minerals and trace elements. In addition, the pellets are rich in chitin and have a favourable NPK ratio. Together, these elements ensure growth, flowering, seed formation, ripening and a strong formation of roots, tubers and fruit. The result is an excellent yield and high quality crops with natural resistance.

Best for the planet

Frassor enriches and processes frass into high-quality natural fertilisers. Frass is the feces of herbivorous insects. A Dutch quality product, hygienised and then pressed into unique micro granules. Frassor has the lowest Co2 footprint of all fertilisers! The production of artificial fertiliser costs a lot of natural gas, which results in considerable CO2 emissions. In addition, artificial fertiliser has a negative effect on all life in the soil and washes out quickly. Compared to other organic fertilisers, such as cow and chicken, frassor has a considerably lower CO2 footprint. But also on other environmental aspects, such as land use and water consumption, the innovative frassor products are the absolute winners. Embrace green and experience the power of innovation with Frassor.