Lawn Fertilizer

Gazonmest (24x = 480Kg – Voor 7200m2) Frassor
  • Gazonmest (24x = 480Kg – Voor 7200m2) Frassor
  • Meststof Frassor
  • Frassor Lawn fertilizer
  • Frassor meest duurzame organische meststof

Lawn Fertilizer (24x = 480kg for 7200m2) Enriched Insect Frass

✔For a strong lawn without weeds and moss

✔Stimulates plant and soil resistance

✔Environmentally friendly and extremely low carbon footprint

✔Based on Insect Frass

✔Improves soil structure and stimulates soil life

✔Extra added minerals and trace elements from lava

✔Contains added Frassor Grass Enhancer

✔Stimulates antagonistic activity

✔Constant nutritional flow due to slow release pellet > 120 days

✔Excellent spreading pattern due to dust-free micropallet

✔The world’s most sustainable lawn fertilizer!

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For a healthy dark green lawn. Provides natural resistance and improves the soil. The most sustainable lawn fertilizer in the world!

Source of essential Nutrients

These frass insect fertilizer granules are enriched with readily absorbable potassium . In addition, the pellets feature a mix of minerals and trace elements from Eifel lava. The ideal fertilizer for lawns and other grasses.


Frass is the feces of herbivorous insects. Frassor insect feces in this product comes from the larvae of the black soldier fly. The insects are fed on low-grade, vegetable residues, which are converted to high-grade proteins and fats. Frassor enriches and processes the Frass into high-quality natural fertilizer.

Feeds soil life

Healthy soil life starts with insects. These efficient little animals ensure an ecological balance in nature. The remains left behind by the insects, such as droppings and skins are rich in chitin and are used as a raw material for Frassor fertilizer.A food source for benign soil life. This organic fertilizer ensures that soil water and nutrients are retained and therefore available in the soil for a longer period of time. The result is a healthier soil where sufficient nutrients are available even in drier periods.

The best for the environment

Frassor fertilizer pellets have the lowest Co2 footprint of all fertilizers! The production of artificial fertilizer consumes a lot of energy, resulting in significant CO2 emissions. In addition, artificial fertilizer has a negative effect on all life in the soil and washes out quickly. Compared to other organic fertilizers such as cow – chicken – pig, Frassor’s Insect Nest has a significantly lower CO2 footprint. Frassor is also an absolute winner on other environmental aspects such as land use and water consumption.

Frassor grass enhancer

Frassor lawn fertilizer contains the plant enhancer mineral (Si). The addition of this Frassor grass enhancer creates firmer grass that is more resistant to drought, frost and disease. The grass will be more resistant to children playing and pets. In addition, the grass will stand up straighter for an even cut.

Chitin – Stimulates antagonistic activity, resulting in increase of plant and soil resilience

Frassor is very rich in chitin. Chitin is superfood for microorganisms that break down the chitin. This process releases enzymes (chitinases) that trigger the grass to activate its natural defense mechanisms. This makes the crop less attractive to diseases and pests.  In addition, micro-organisms are stimulated that contribute to improving the mineralization and thereby the absorption of the grass.

CO2 savings

480 kg  of Frassor saves 6069kg of CO2 compared to artificial fertilizer.

This is equivalent to 303 trees of CO2 emissions per year.


Suitable for all year round on all soil types and grasses.

Usage Instructions:

Spread the indicated amount evenly over the lawn / grass area to be fertilized. For new sowings, rake the granules slightly. Preferably apply fertilizer when rain is expected. Applicable to any type of soil, at any time of year, except during frost in the ground.


Lawn / sport field / meadow

▶Spring  1kg per 10m2

▶Summer 1kg per 15m2

▶Autumn 1kg per 20m2


* The recommended amounts depend on many factors, grass type, soil type, climate and the fertilization status of the soil.

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Weight 480 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 160 cm