Our Story

We are literally making the world greener

The start of our mission

It has been a long and fascinating adventure, working in agriculture for over 20 years and learning about our crops and soil fertility. However, we were concerned about the large amounts of chemical fertilizer use. We found out that more than 200,000,000 tons! of fertilizer is used worldwide each year and that this amount is still growing. The production of chemical fertilizers consumes an enormous amount of energy in the form of petroleum and natural gas. In addition, chemical fertilizers have a major disadvantage in that they kill the soil life and disturb the balance in the soil. This leads to impoverishment and an increasing dependence on chemical fertilizers. This got us thinking, Is it really necessary to use so much fertilizer? We love plants and understand that people need to be fed. We want to enjoy beautiful gardens and flowers, aar fertilizer is just not good for the world. With Frassor we combine the best for plants and the world. So every day we make the world a little more sustainable.

The power of insect frass!

The name Frassor is derived from the term Frass. Frassor enriches and processes frass into high quality natural fertilizers. Frass is the feces of herbivorous insects. The insects are fed with low-grade, vegetable residual flows, which are converted into high-grade proteins and fats. A Dutch quality product, hygienized and then pressed into a unique pellet. Frassor has the lowest Co2 footprint of all fertilizers! The production of artificial fertilizer costs a lot of energy, resulting in a considerable CO2 emission. In addition, artificial fertilizer has a negative effect on all life in the soil and washes out quickly. Compared to other organic fertilizers, such as cow and chicken, frassor has a significantly lower Co2 Footprint. But also on other environmental aspects like land use and water consumption, innovative Frassor products are the absolute winner.

Fertilization in balance with soil

With Frassor fertilizers you choose for strong healthy plants with high resistance. Innovative and sustainable fertilization with long-term effect through structural soil improvement.The organic fertilizers of Frassor increase the health and condition of the soil. The all-natural Frassor granules consist of organic materials combined with minerals and trace elements. In addition, the pellets are rich in chitin and have a favorable NPK ratio. These elements combine to ensure growth, flowering, seed formation, maturation, strong formation of roots, tubers and fruits. Furthermore, our products unblock and regulate minerals in the soil, resulting in good yields and high quality crops.Our customers choose abundantly growing crops, flowering ornamental gardens , dense deep green turf and tasty crops. Frassor nourishes soil life and increases the natural resistance of plants.

We are proud of world’s most sustainable fertilizers

Frassor is making a real difference by making the market more sustainable. Frassor products are completely natural and based on insect fertilizer. The Frassor policy focuses on the entire chain. Hereby we stimulate the transition to a greener world. We thank you for visiting our website and reading our story. Why not order a box of Frassor and see if your plants bloom like never before? We have a 100% money back guarantee. Choose the best, for plants the soil and the environment!