Why is Frassor insect fertilizer (frass)so much better?

1) Insect manure (frass)- the Superfood for plants

The all-natural frass granules (insect fertilizer) have a unique composition. Organic materials are combined in frass with nutrients, minerals and trace elements. Together, these elements ensure growth, flowering and seed formation, among other things. They also ensure ripening, a strong formation of roots, tubers and fruits. Finally, the high proportion of chitin ensures the growth of good micro-organisms and enzymes. This will trigger the plant to activate its natural defense mechanisms. As a result, the crop is less attractive to diseases and pests. The result is excellent yields and naturally healthy crops.

2) Naturally fertile soil with insect fertilizer

Frassor insect fertilizer stimulates beneficial soil life and its diversity. Frassor granules enrich the soil, resulting in a fertile soil. Innovative and sustainable fertilization with long-term effect through structural soil improvement.

3) CO2 saver!

Frassor fertilisers save as much as 12,643 kg of CO2 emissions compared to each kg of artificial fertilizers. Fertilizer is produced chemically, using large quantities of petrol or natural gas. This is far from sustainable! So choose natural insect fertilizer and lower your footprint. There is also an indirect effect, plants will develop and convert more and more CO2 into oxygen!

4) The magic of insects!

From misshapen carrots and parsnips to potato peels. Our insects love plant scraps and convert plant waste into high-quality proteins and fats.

5) Winner in terms of efficiency!

IInsects are cold-blooded and, partly because of this, extremely efficient! After all, they spend no energy keeping the body warm. As a result, they provide relatively more with fewer resources than warm-blooded animals. Our larvae are grown in high-tech vertical farms where they convert low-value plant waste streams into high-value proteins, fats and fertilizers.

Are you ready to make the world literally greener? Try Frassor today!