Why fertilize in the fall?

Fertilizing in the fall is often forgotten but may be the most important fertilization. After a long summer with dry spells, lawns and public lawns may have weakened. Often this has resulted in damage in the root zone. In places where the grass has thinned, weeds and mosses can develop. Then these get a chance to grow once the weather gets wetter and colder in the fall. In short, now is the time to maintain grass properly. So invest time and effort now to help the grass recover. You will reap the rewards in the long run. Frassor insect fertilizer is very suitable as an autumn fertilizer and will make and keep the lawn and soil vital.

Prevent diseases and pests by fertilizing in the fall

One of the reasons is to prevent lawn diseases and pests. Fall and winter are periods when various diseases can rear their heads. Redds and snow mold are two common plant parasitic fungi. These can get a chance when lawn and soil are not healthy.  Frassor is rich in chitin stimulates positive fungi. Such as mycorrhiza and saprophytes that convert dead organic matter into absorbable nutrients. They will clean up dead organic material. For example, these also eat the dead leaves or a fallen branch. Harmful fungal infestations are not only aesthetically unsightly, but also create an extremely weakened turf with open spots. Even if you would not be able to directly observe the described infestations with the naked eye. Even then, the turf will become significantly more open and change color in the fall and winter period. As a result, these open areas provide an ideal seedbed for moss and weeds. To prevent these symptoms and ensure a healthy lawn that is resilient to fungal infestations. Is a healthy soil with proper fertilization is important.

Eén van de redenen is om gazon ziekten en plagen tegen te gaan. Het najaar en de winter zijn periodes waarin verschillende ziekten de kop op kunnen steken. Rooddraad en sneeuwschimmel zijn twee veelvoorkomende plantparasitaire schimmels. Deze kunnen een kans krijgen wanneer gazon en bodem niet gezond zijn.  Frassor is rijk aan chitine stimuleert positieve schimmels. Zoals mycorrhiza en saprofyten die dood organisch materiaal omzetten naar opneembare voedingstoffen. Ze zullen dood organisch materiaal opruimen. Zo eten deze ook bijvoorbeeld de dode blaadjes of een gevallen tak. Schadelijke schimmelaantastingen zijn esthetisch niet alleen lelijk, maar zorgen ook voor een extreem verzwakte grasmat met open plekken. Zelfs al zou je met het blote oog de omschreven aantastingen niet direct kunnen waarnemen. Ook dan zal de grasmat in het najaar en de winterperiode beduidend veel opener worden en van kleur veranderen. Met als gevolg dat deze open plekken een ideaal zaaibed vormen voor mos en onkruid. Om deze symptomen te voorkomen en te zorgen voor een gezond gazon dat weerbaar is voor schimmelaantastingen. Is een gezonde bodem met de juiste bemesting van belang.

What nutrients are important in a fall fertilizer?

It is common to renovate lawns in the fall. Frassor is the fertilizer to promote recovery and ensure that the grass is made strong. Make the lawn to survive the winter with its freezing temperatures, intense rains and snowfall. It is important to note that an organic fertilizer where the amount of nitrogen contained in a product is not too high is important. At this time of year, fertilization is mainly about promoting rooting. Grass growth is less important. With too much nitrogen, carbohydrate reserves are depleted. Also, depending on the soil type and weather conditions, the nitrogen washes out to a greater or lesser extent. In addition, this can weaken the grass and make it more susceptible to environmental conditions and grass diseases such as fusarium.

Reduce disease pressure with fall fertilization

In the fall, disease pressure is sky-high. And when growth slows and the turf has little chance to recover, the damage can be extensive. Fertilizing in the fall lowers disease pressure. Potassium is indispensable in an autumn fertilizer. Potassium promotes the formation of strong cell membranes, making the grass plant more resistant to environmental stress, such as cold treading and disease. Because potassium is highly mobile in the soil, the risk of leaching in wet weather is high. Especially in light soil types. Other nutrients that have a beneficial effect in the fall are phosphorus and magnesium. Phosphorus is essential for good root development and for the rooting of the grass. Fall is the best time. to seed or overseed the turf. Phosphorus stimulates growth and development of young grass and contributes to the overall health of existing grass. Magnesium has a similar effect to potassium it makes plants more resistant to disease and environmental stress. In addition, magnesium is also essential for nitrogen metabolism and the production of chlorophyll to maintain a beautiful color and promote the absorption of iron and phosphate. A magnesium deficiency can be recognized by yellow, drooping leaves.

Conventional versus Frassor

In addition to the amount of nutrients and the ratios among them in a fertilizer, the release pattern is very important. Conventional artificial fertilizers are usually fast acting. They will dissolve quickly after application and become available to the plant. A artificial fertilizer with a high nitrogen content will result in weak grass that is susceptible to disease. In addition, conventional fertilizers make crops less able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

For a long time it was thought that artificial fertilizer stimulates soil life because more bacteria grow. Now we know better. Nitrogen from artificial blades causes more organic matter to be consumed than Co2 released into the atmosphere. This causes the important humus in the soil to disappear. Without humus, important soil life such as mycorrhiza and rhizobacteria cannot do their job. Frassor insect manure is released as an organic fertilizer in a controlled manner. With more than 120 days of nutrition . Frassor fertilizers are very suitable as an autumn fertilizer. They will not only release nutrients but also give a boost to the natural defense system of plants.

The importance of insects and chitin.

Frassor insect fertilizers are very rich in Chitin. It is the building material of insects and spiders. In natural areas there are many insects and spiders, so also many chitin. A soil that naturally contains a lot of chitin has a high resilience. This will result in little harmful soil life such as parasitic nematodes, grubs, blackheads and negative fungi.  Gardens generally contain few insects, applying insect fertilizer will naturally replenish chitin. Frassor increases plant and soil resistance. Choose naturally healthy plants, the effect is visible until spring.