What is Frass?

Frass consists of droppings of insects kept by insect breeders. The term Frass is derived from the German word Fraß. It is the feces of herbivorous insects. We like to talk about insect manure or manure of insects. Our manure comes from insects grown in the Netherlands.

What exactly is in insect frass?

This includes excrement but also substrate and the skins. In Europe, frass may not contain more than 5% (by volume) of dead insects and eggs and no more than 3% by weight. The main reason is to guarantee good hygienic conditions without the risk of live insects in the fertilizer. First of all, it is a natural fertilizer, rich in easily absorbable nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. Second, Frass is very rich in organic matter at over 80%. Third, unique to frass is that it is very rich in Chitin. Good to know is that Chitin increases plant and soil resistance by activating the natural defense mechanism of plants. In case of a later, real-life attack by insects, the plant will be able to react quickly and effectively and will be able to repel the attack.

Hygienized Frass

Before Frass can be used as a fertilizer, it must undergo mandatory sanitization. We do this by heating it to 70°C in an NVWA-approved drying installation. Frassor enriches and processes it into high quality, natural fertilizers. Frassor thus ensures a more sustainable range of fertilisers. We are proud that more and more people are fertilizing their gardens with Frassor lawn fertilizer and garden manure and are thus literally greening the world.

Which frass is the best fertilizer?

There are several insects that are grown professionally. In development of Frassor fertilizers, we have conducted many tests and gained experience in horticulture, but also on golf courses and in ornamental plant cultivation. For example, we have conducted tests with the manure of mealworms, crickets, grasshoppers and the black soldier fly. The latter also called Black Soldier fly manure, proved to give the best results in our tests. In addition, the footprint of these larvae proved to be the smallest. It is not for nothing that we call the larvae of the black soldier fly our superstars. It is the cleanest manure and gives the greenest plants. Frassor is better for the environment than conventional manure but also the best choice when you want to go for the highest quality frass.