What is Chitin?

Frassor products are produced on the basis of frass and therefore very rich in chitin. This substance was first discovered in 1884. Besides cellulose, it is the second most important natural polymer. Chitin is a polysaccharide that occurs as a building material in the cell walls of fungi and in the exoskeleton of arthropods. Here it provides strength. Herby, chitine is chemically similar to cellulose, but contains almost 7% nitrogen. Because larvae molt as they grow and these skins remain in the frass, it is very rich in chitin and a great fertilizer.

Chitin on plants and in the soil?

Healthy soil life begins with insects. These efficient little animals provide an ecological balance in nature. Frass containing feces and skins, are rich in chitin. Chitin is a superfood for microorganisms that break down chitin. Chitinase comprises a group of enzymes that can break down chitin by breaking the glycosidic bond. Plants are prompted by chitinase to activate natural defense mechanisms. This makes the crop less attractive to diseases and pests.

Chitin – Frassor