Safe fertilization with Frassor.

Frassor fertilizers are safe to use. Not only safe for lawn and plants, but also for children and pets. Frassor is a 100% natural pellet produced from pure insect manure (frass). Our fertilizers are completely free of chemical additives. In addition, unlike many other organic fertilizers, they contain no cocoa shells, animal meal, sludge or pesticides. In short, carefree and safe fertilization with Frassor.

Frassor lawn fertilizer is 100% cocoa free

Organic manure is an everyday garden product. Many dogs are curious and find it delicious to eat. However, it is not widely known that most organic fertilizers contain ground up cocoa shells. Chocolate is very toxic to a dog. Many organic fertilizers and soil improvers contain high concentrations of theobromine, the substance found in the cocoa bean. In a 30-pound dog, poisoning symptoms can occur after eating a few grains. These can lead to death.

Theobromine is toxic and does not belong in garden fertilizer

Humans can break down this substance well through the liver and eliminate it through the kidneys. Many animal species, such as horses, cattle, poultry, birds and dogs cannot. A dog may exhibit poisoning symptoms after ingestion at a rapid rate. Sometimes so quickly that there is nothing a veterinarian can do. Only if action is taken very quickly after ingesting a lethal dose of theobromine can a dog be saved. Frassor believes this risk is irresponsible. Frassor is therefore 100% cocoa free. This means you don’t have to worry and even after fertilizing animals can safely go back into the garden. It’s nice to be able to fertilize safely with Frassor.

Frassor is 100% free from chemical additives and pesticides

Frassor is free of chemical additives or pesticides. In the market we unfortunately still see many lawn fertilizers with pesticides, heavy metals and moss killers. This is not mentioned that these not only combat but also kill the all-important life in the soil and acidify soil. Even more risky is the fact that ingestion by children or animals in higher doses can even be toxic. Frassor fertilizers are completely natural and safe for humans and animals.

Frassor is 100% pure and free of waste sludge.

There is a lot on offer in fertilizer land. In practice we see that many fertilizers are not always clear about their ingredients and the end product is often a mixture of all kinds of raw materials. Residual flows are supplied with money as is sewage sludge. Fortunately, guidelines have been drawn up to prevent adverse effects on the environment and public health. And although beautiful names are coined and products are marketed as green. We believe it is important to be very careful with residual streams containing heavy metals that can be toxic to plants and to people. Heavy metals such as Cadmium, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Mercury and Chromium can be very dangerous in higher concentrations and long term effects are not always known yet.

Frassor is 100% free of offal

On an industrial scale, offal is used to make fertilizers. The most organic fertilizers consist of crushed bones – bone meal – blood meal – feather meal. While these by-products do indeed have fertilizer value, Frassor is completely free of offal. Our insects eat only vegetable residues. Since the mad cow disease, Bovine Sprongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), there are strict rules for the use of animal meal in cattle feed. As a result, use in fertilizers has only increased. BSE is a disease caused by prions small proteins that can cause brain symptoms. Fertilizing an animal pasture with these fertilizers can be risky is not allowed in professional livestock farming. Our insects are fed exclusively on vegetable residues. Insect manure also has a good natural fertilizing value and contains easily absorbable nutrients. In addition, Frassor increases the soil and plant resistance due to the high chitin content. Nutrients in the soil are also better available through chitin.

Safe fertilization with Frassor.

Although Frassor is safe for humans and animals, it is obviously not a food. We recommend keeping Frassor out of reach of children and animals. Preferably work the granules lightly in the garden. Fertilizing can best be done when rain is expected. If no rain is expected it is best to sprinkle the soil after spreading. This ensures that nutrients quickly reach the roots but also that the grains fall apart and can no longer be absorbed by children or pets. Fertilize safely and without worry with Frassor.