Hello Spring! Time for insect frass!

The astronomical spring has begun! The real spring weather is still a while away. But soon, temperatures will be in the double digits across almost the entire country! Time to start spring fertilization!

What a wonderful feeling, it’s spring! The grass is waking up from hibernation. What does your lawn look like? From Tuesday onwards the temperatures will rise and the grass will start growing and asking for fertilizer! If your lawn could use an overhaul, now is the perfect time to dethatch it and overseed. Then start the spring fertilization and fertilize with Frassor lawn fertilizer to provide the lawn with all the nutrients. This will give your lawn a flying start where weeds and moss have no chance.

Also in the vegetable garden and ornamental garden can be started with the first gift with already developed plants! Frassor Garden Fertilizer provides an optimal spring boost. Frassor will activate the soil and the fertilizers will ensure that plants will develop well from the start. Due to the slow release pellet, the frassor pellet will deliver nutrition for over 120 days. Frassor insect fertilizer increases soil and plant resistance and makes plants less susceptible to diseases and pests. Don’t forget the trees in your yard, sprinkle the granules around the root zone in the spring.

Frassor insect fertilizer has the lowest footprint of any fertilizer and is the sustainable choice this spring. The optimal time for a gift of insect fertilizer!
Frassor spring fertilizer has the lowest carbon footprint of any fertilizer! The production of artificial fertilizer consumes a lot of energy, resulting in hefty CO₂ emissions. In addition, fertilizer has a negative effect on all life in the soil and washes out quickly. Compared to other organic fertilizers, such as cow – chicken – pig, Insect Nest by Frassor has a significantly lower CO₂ footprint. Frassor is also the absolute winner on other environmental aspects, such as land use and water consumption.