Frassor reduces nematode population in onions with chitin

Using a natural product to prevent nematode damage in arable crops is possible with Frassor. Frassor Insect Manure is rich in Chitin. Firstly, Frassor is a soil improver that goes well with mycorrhizal fungi. Second, it reduces the risk of diseases and pests by stimulating positive soil life. Frassor reduces the nematode population in onions

with chitin

The importance of insects and chitin

Chitin is a common substance worldwide. It is the building material of insects and spiders. In natural areas there are many insects and spiders, therefore also many chitin. Soil that naturally contains a lot of chitin has high resilience and therefore few nematodes. Arable fields generally contain few insects, by applying insect manure chitin is naturally supplemented.

Onion plot fertilized with Frassor Insect Fertilizer

The effect of Chitin is scientifically proven

Scientific research has shown that administering chitin to the soil results in fewer nematodes and pathogenic fungi in the soil and promotes crop growth. Frassor insect manure ( frass) is very rich in Chitin and a natural soil improver. The effect of chitin has been scientifically studied. Administration of chitin to the soil leads, according to researchers, to the stimulation of microorganisms, which affect the eggs of nematodes. Chitin also alters the soil environment making it toxic to nematodes.

Frassor drukt aaltjespopulatie met chitine
Frassor depresses nematode population with chitin

Frassor trials 2021

A trial field of onions in 2021 yielded a higher net onion yield after application with frassor than the untreated portion. The trial was laid out on sandy soil in Erica (Drenthe). On the untreated part there is a demonstrable infection with nematodes. Nematode contamination is an increasing problem in the Netherlands. The standard treatment with Vydate helps to reduce crop damage, but does not reduce the infestation, and it paralyzes the nematodes, but does not kill them. For the trial, Frassor was sprinkled 500kg per ha. In upcoming autumn planting, Frassor will be incorporated with planting. The spring start is crucial according to grower Germs. Frassor provides natural soil and plant resistance. In summary, Frassor reduces nematode population in onions with chitin.

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