EU standard for insect frass is a big step forward.

We are proud to announce that EU member states have agreed on EU standards for processed insect frass. This EU standard for insect frass is a big step forward and helps enormously to exploit the potential of Frassor throughout the European Union.

Frassor increases plant and soil resilience and helps prevent and repair damage from disease and pests.

Professional users in agriculture as well as consumers in the garden are already experiencing the benefits. Soon Frassor content will also be available in German, French and English.
Frassor originated in the Netherlands and is widely available to consumers in the form of lawn fertilizer and garden fertilizer. The professional market mainly applies 100% pure Frassor.

Frassor is a valuable fertilizer and contains all relevant nutrients and micronutrients. In addition, Frassor is very rich in Chitin. This stimulates the growth of positive soil life and makes nutrients more available. This results in healthy strong plants. Frassor can now be integrated in fertilization plans throughout the EU.

The EU standard for insect frass is a big step forward.Our product experts are happy to assist you in explaining the functional benefits of insect fertilizer.

Read more in IPIFF (International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed) or view the press release here.