Redeem gift certificate or voucher

Gift vouchers are always nice to get. Do you happen to have a voucher code in your possession and wish to put it to use? You can do that very easily!

On the checkout page you can enter the relevant code under the button ‘Enter Voucher Code’. If you click on the blue process button, the discount should be deducted.

However, you should note the following:

  • You can use 1 voucher code per order
  • The voucher code is valid on the entire Frassor product range
  • The voucher code is valid up to and including the stated end date
  • The voucher code is associated with a minimum order value
  • You can use the voucher code only once
  • You cannot exchange the voucher for money

Are voucher codes also valid beyond the validity date?
Frassor’s voucher codes are valid until the stated validity date. Unfortunately, you cannot extend them.

Error message while entering your voucher code?
How annoying that your voucher is not working. Most vouchers have an expiration date and some also have a minimum order amount. You can’t use vouchers after the expiration date or on an order with too low an order amount. You can find the expiration date and the minimum order amount in the email with the voucher code. Should your voucher be working but you still get an error message?

Please feel free to contact our customer service, we are happy to assist you.