Payment failed or declined

Payment failed?
Did your payment fail? First check whether the money has been debited or not. Is this not the case? Then you can immediately place another order.

The money has been debited from your bank account but you have not received an order confirmation by email after one hour? Then contact customer service and look up your transaction number. This is always stated on the debit note. Our customer service will be happy to help you.

Transaction refused ?
You are unable to complete your order but your transaction is declined? That is of course very annoying. Perhaps it is because of the web browser you are using to order or there is a malfunction with the bank or credit company or our website. Sometimes there is an unnoticed error that blocks your order. We therefore advise you to place the order on another web browser. Some examples of web browsers are Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer. If this does not solve your problem, please let us know so we can find out what the problem is, since our site should work properly in any browser!

Should you experience any problems while ordering or should your question not have been answered, we will be happy to serve you