First receive your order and pay afterwards

Would you rather receive your product first and pay afterwards? Then you can! You can then choose the payment method Billink. Billink is an external company that processes the entire payment process for Frassor. This means that you will receive a digital invoice from Billink by email.

You can pay at Frassor with a digital invoice up to an amount of € 250.00 if you pay for the first time through Billink. Are you already familiar with Billink? Then you can pay afterwards up to an amount of € 10.000.00. To approve your request to pay by giro, Billink performs a data check. Billink maintains a strict privacy policy as described in its privacy statement. In the unlikely event that your request for payment by giro is not authorized, then you can of course pay the product to be purchased with another payment method.

Why should you choose Billink?

  • You first receive the product at home and only then pay the invoice
  • If the product is not to your satisfaction, you can always return it. In that case you do not have to pay the Billink bill. Frassor will stop the Billink account after receipt of your return.

If you have any other questions, we will be happy to assist you.